"Epic event. RFID Journal LIVE! Europe was the perfect mix between conference topics and exhibitors. . . It inspired me to go back to my company and challenge the leadership team on its outlook on RFID."
- Lyle Montgomery, Product Support Engineer, Bombardier

"For somebody who’s never been into RFID before this is a great place to start."
- Glyn Matthews, Senior IT Project Manager, Speedy Services

"Often, conference seminars are merely marketing opportunities for sponsors and uninspiring. This environment provided a truly value-added educatory experience."
- Paul Dolnick, President, Growth Management Services

"There's a lot of great information because all of the vendors are in one place."
- Gary Smith, The Dow Chemical Company

"This is my third RFID Journal event. My favorite part is the conference seminars, where you really get to understand how RFID is used for value rather than just talk about the tags."
- Floris Kleijn, CHEP

"The discussions and vendor presentations open up many applications for our industry. There are always new ways presented to solve many of the same issues we face. I even enjoy the presentations outside of my industry as potential outside-of-the-box solutions."
- Steve Luhnow

"[RFID Journal events] have done volumes for my continued education and ability to bring worthwhile applications back to my company."
- Kirk Zauderer, Manager, Manheim

"The benefits derived from this event are real, for not only myself but for my organization and subsequently for my customers who will be the eventual benefactor."
- Gary McCann, Principal Partner, Mantis Professional Services Inc.

"The conference was very informative. The morning presentation by Bill Hardgrave, in particular, was very helpful in providing some context for trends in RFID and how the technology is being used. The remaining speakers all offered a range of perspectives that provided a good sense of the wide variety of RFID applications and the underlying rationale for applying the technology. Overall, a very useful conference."
- David Faye, MBA Student, Cambridge University

"RFID Journal events are the most productive use of my prospects' time. Seeing is believing, and your events prove the value of the technology and make them successful."
- Roy Noepel, Enterprise Sales Manager, Checkpoint

"Massive number of inquiries, double from last year. Great show!"
- Graham Fenton, Managing Director, Codegate

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