Why Attend?

Top Reasons to Attend RFID Journal LIVE! Europe

  • Gain critical insights about how you can leverage RFID technology to boost sales and cut costs.
  • Learn how to use RFID to impact business processes in key functional areas: IT/Infrastructure, Supply Chain/Inventory Management and Distribution/Logistics.
  • Hear from the leading early adopters, who will talk objectively about how RFID can—and can't—help your company improve the way it does business.
  • Learn from detailed and objective case studies, presented by end users from your industry.
  • Get the inside track on the latest innovations from the leading technology companies.
  • Gain a broad understanding of where your competitors are on the adoption curve—and where your industry is headed.
  • Network with early adopters and thought leaders in your industry, as well as across other industries, giving you the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of others.
  • Educate your entire cross-functional team. Our group discount makes it affordable!

Who Should Attend

Among those who will benefit from attending RFID Journal LIVE! Europe are:

Business executives: It's critical that business executives understand both the cost of RFID systems and the many benefits the technology can provide, so they can prioritize projects and ensure successful deployments. This event is an opportunity for busy business executives to get up to speed on these issues quickly. The retail track will help retailers and suppliers understand the business value of RFID. Other sessions will cover manufacturing and supply-chain applications of RFID.

Financial executives: It's important to manage the investment in an RFID system and find cost-effective solutions, to achieve a return on investment from any deployment. This event covers strategies for keeping the cost down. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with RFID vendors offering cost-effective solutions.

Operations professionals: RFID is being used to track parts inventory, track assets, manage maintenance routines, comply with regulations and much more. This event addresses all of these operational issues, plus safety and many others.

IT professionals: Information technology is a critical component of any RFID system, and this event will educate professionals in the IT department about how they can integrate RFID into their existing systems.

Compliance officers: RFID technology allows you to automatically capture information about what's happening in the real world, so it is the perfect tool for ensuring your company complies with regulations and customer requirements.

How To Justify Your Participation

Here are some ways in which you can justify your participation in—and quantify your ROI from—attending RFID Journal LIVE! Europe.

  1. Create a list of priorities for the event that will help define your purpose for attending, as well as your return on your investment. For example: "Learn how RFID can help us boost in-store inventory accuracy or improve tracking of work-in-process."
  2. Identify your most pressing organizational issues, or new technologies and projects that could lower costs or deliver additional business value. Many companies are keen, for example, to track tools, returnable transport items and other assets to boost utilization rates and reduce capital spending on replacements.
  3. Use our template (coming soon) to send a formal letter to your manager, outlining the cost and huge potential benefits of attending the event.
  4. Meet with your manager face to face to reinforce the ROI you expect to receive, against the list of priorities you've identified.
  5. List the specific sessions and workshops relevant to the hot-button issues of your management, as well as your organization's overall business goals.
  6. Outline for your manager the specific on-site vendors you intend to evaluate to understand their potential to help address the priorities listed above.
  7. List all competitive and related companies sending peers to the event.
  8. Be sure to take notes and record the key takeaways on-site while the experience is fresh in your mind—that will make it much easier to document the ROI post-event.
  9. As part of your justification for attending, offer to brief others regarding what you learn upon returning.
  10. After the event, you will be able to download presentations and watch video recordings of presentations. Offer to share these with your boss and co-workers.
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