Bluetooth Beacon Workshop

Presented by Steve Statler

6 November, 2018

Morning coffee

Bluetooth Beacon Basics
The workshop begins with an orientation of how the technology is driving digital-physical convergence and how it relates to the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as key concepts, applications, opportunities and market trends. By explaining its short history and the current maturity of the market, and by outlining where the industry is heading, the presenter will answer questions about when the time is right to get involved. This workshop will also provide a map of the “Beacosystem”, in order to provide a guide to who's who and what's what.

Bluetooth Beacon Standards and Components
This session will explain the technology foundation of Bluetooth beacons, and will explore the role of Bluetooth Smart, the new Bluetooth 5 standard and its future direction. Core to the ecosystem are the standards from Apple and Google—iBeacon, Eddystone and the Physical Web—that are becoming deeply embedded in every smartphone. This review will provide an understanding of what is and is not possible with beacon technologies using these standards.


Choosing and Deploying Bluetooth Beacons
Choosing the right beacons is critical to both the short- and long-term success of proximity and location solutions. All beacons are not the same. In addition to examining the implications of the chipsets used, the presenter will provide extensive criteria for selecting the appropriate beacon, and will review some of the key vendors in the space.

Bluetooth Beacon Networks and Privacy
Just because you have written a beacon application doesn't mean you need to own beacons. If you do own beacons, there are reasons why you might want to open up access to third parties. The presenter will explain the three main types of beacon networks that facilitate this, as well as provide real-world examples. Gain an understanding of the legal frameworks in the United States and Europe, and hear some examples of privacy best practices.


Bluetooth Beacon Applications & Real Time Location Systems
Understand the applications that beacons are powering. This session explores examples of a range of beacon applications, including mobile payments, airports, attractions, restaurants, retailers, manufacturing, enterprise and e911. We also explore a class of application that is growing particularly quickly and competing with solutions enabled by UHF RFID and UWB - Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). As part of this session we will review a real world case study of an RTLS using Bluetooth Angle of Arrival receivers in an industrial / manufacturing environment. How the technology was selected, the use cases supported, the architecture used and the results obtained.

In this session, the presenter will cover beacon orchestration middleware —the core of many successful beacon applications.

For the final topic we will review the different types of analytics tools used for beacon applications, examples of these and an approach to data modeling that can enable the kinds of analytics used on ecommerce sites to be applied to understanding what’s happening in physical retail stores.

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