General Sessions

7 November, 2018

General Sessions

8:15 - Coffee in Exhibit Hall

8:45 - Opening Remarks:
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Keynote: RFID Drives Innovation at Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz, a world renown brand and a division of Daimler AG, is using RFID technology as an integral part of their supply chain. Learn how the firm is currently using RFID across various product lines and how the technology is improving operations. Gain insight into their plans for future use of the technology. 

Keynote Speaker: Juergen Hartmann, NLC, Methods, Innovation and AW, Daimler AG

Introducing the New ECO RFID Tag Technology-Scalable, Unique and Sustainable
Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging introduces a revolutionary ECO RFID tag technology. This technology and the tags have exceptional environmental opportunity to accelerate the growth of RFID solution utilizations and turn the mindset how RFID has been seen in different businesses. The roadmap for this technology will create opportunities in the retail space—with consumer packages goods (CPG), industrial manufacturing and future opportunities in all kind of packaging and product traceability-related solutions. Technology is using the standardized silicon technology to meet the high requirements of reliability, data connectivity and communication between different systems. The technology has been developed for several years and is now available, and we are engaged with several different end users.

Speaker: Dr. Juha Maijala, Director, Intelligent Packaging, Stora Enso

Innovating to Better Serve Customer Needs: RFID Takes Flight at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, one of the world's busiest airports, handles 78 million passengers annually, along with a massive volume of luggage. Passengers often need trolleys to move their bags around the facility. Last year, Heathrow's innovation team began exploring ways to ensure there would always be a trolley available when a passenger needed one. Learn how the team worked with the airport's trolley operations team to design and test an RFID system with that goal in mind. Find out the results of the pilot, as well as how the innovation team is developing an airport-wide solution, and discover best practices for deploying RFID projects that serve customers' needs.

Speaker: Ben Wagenaar, Innovation Technologist, Heathrow Airport

11:00 - Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

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