Main Track

7 November, 2018

Main Track

Weir Oil & Gas Improves Visibility and Functionality via RFID-based Asset-Management System
Weir Oil & Gas, an upstream provider of pressure-pumping and -control equipment and services, has combined RFID technology with its Asset Management Program, bringing greater visibility and functionality to the way in which service companies manage iron assets from the field. Weir's SPM RFID technology streamlines inspection processes, providing the ability to easily review the current or historical inspection status and other relevant information. Learn how iron equipped with SPM RFID tags can be quickly scanned to efficiently manage inventory, thereby reducing labor and minimizing human error during inspection.
Speaker: LJ Howell, Warranty and Special Projects Manager, Weir Oil & Gas

Solution-Provider Sessions
Open to all conference attendees, these sponsor-led sessions feature some of the industry's most innovative solutions. Hear real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.

13:00 - Lunch Break in Exhibit Hall

IATA Mandates RFID-Based Baggage Tracking
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has developed global standards for the use of radio frequency identification tags to track the position of baggage in real time. BY 2020, IATA members will be required to identify every bag as it passes through points of transfer or routing, undergoes security screening and is loaded onto an airplane, as well as when it is unloaded and received by the customer. Learn how the technology is expected to decrease lost-luggage incidents, save airlines money and improve the customer experience.
Speaker: Andrew Price Head, Global Baggage Operations, International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Factory Reduces Order-Fulfillment Time by 20 Percent
A manufacturer of personal protective equipment says it has reduced its customers' ordering times by 20 percent. This result was achieved thanks to the use of an RFID solution. The manufacturer manages a stock of more than 500,000 items at two distribution centers, and there are 15 thousand active items and a total register of 60 thousand specifications. This large volume of products requires the company to maintain a very high level of control. Learn how the use of RFID has resulted in greater speed of shipment and transformation of products, in addition to accuracy in traceability, thereby guaranteeing accuracy in stock.

15:30 - Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

Rental Company Raises Efficiency, Accuracy With RFID

A furniture rental company that stocks thousands of different types of furniture, which are sent around Germany and the Netherlands and are then returned at varying times for servicing and another rental, is successfully using an RFID system. The company has adopted a passive ultrahigh-frequency RFID system to track its rental furniture as it is received, and again as it is delivered to customers. With the greater visibility into what inventory is on hand, the firm has been able to make fewer last-minute purchases and thereby ensure redundancy of stock to meet expected orders. Learn how the solution has also been able to reduce the amount of extra deliveries that might otherwise be necessary in the event that an error is made.

Project Zipper Results and the Serialized Supply Chain: What Does Our Shipping Accuracy REALLY Look Like?
Auburn University's RFID Lab has released its first paper on serialized supply chain with Project Zipper. This session will take a deep dive into the different ways in which brands and their retail partners are analyzing and exchanging RFID data. The lab's director, Justin Patton, will discuss traditional bar-code shipping accuracy, the auditing and claims process, and how serialized RFID data is already supporting pedigree and authenticity on millions of items around the world. Learn best practices for hardware setup, methods for data exchange, including blockchain and other technologies, and how the serialized supply chain will pay for the RFID accuracy achieved.
Speaker: Justin Patton Director, RFID Center, Auburn University

17:30 - Conference Concludes

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