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7 November, 2018


Retail and apparel companies have been among the early adopters of RFID technologies, both internally and within their shared supply chains. Many businesses are already seeing benefits, and are prepared to share their insights about those benefits, as well as the implementation issues they needed to address before achieving them.

11:30 - 12:10
Resistance is Futile: Embracing the Inevitable Use of RFID in Apparel Retail
The widespread use of RFID in apparel retail now appears inevitable.  Consumer demand for a true omnichannel experience has pushed retailers and brand owners to examine their abilities to deliver on an anywhere, anytime promise.  In this session, Bill Hardgrave will review the events leading up to the current utilization of RFID and discuss the path forward for those just getting started or in the early stages of adopting RFID.  Drawing on several years of experience working with a variety of companies, Dr. Hardgrave will delve into best practices for deploying RFID efficiently and effectively and, conversely, the traps to avoid. 
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave Provost and Vice President, Auburn University 

Solution-Provider Sessions
Open to all conference attendees, these sponsor-led sessions feature some of the industry's most innovative solutions. Hear real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.

13:00 - Lunch Break in Exhibit Hall

14:00 - 14:40
Stadium AB Improves Inventory Accuracy With RFID
Stadium AB has successfully carried out an RFID pilot to manage fast rotations of products ranging from kayaks to apparel to shoe laces. Headquartered in Sweden, Stadium AB sells retail sportswear and training clothes, as well as sports-related merchandise and has stores located throughout Europe. For the pilot, the firm tagged products at its distribution center and used sled readers to interrogate the tags as they were applied. The tags were then read upon receipt at the two participating stores, and periodically throughout the days following, during inventory counts. The use of the technology improved inventory accuracy to about 98 percent and provided in-store staff with confidence in what inventory they have onsite. Learn how the improved inventory accuracy allows the company to more easily adopt the omnichannel model of sales online since it can be sure products are where the software indicates they are.
Speaker: Johan Stenström, Supply Chain, Stadium AB


Adidas Uses RFID for Omnichannel Success
Employing 56,888 people from over 100 countries, adidas produces more than 900 million product units every year and generates sales of € 21.218 billion (all figures relate to 2017). The organization strives to keep its processes simple, lean and fast. Adidas is focused on using RFID technology to track its products from manufacturing facilities to store shelves, thus improving stock accuracy and on-floor availability of merchandise in its stores. Learn how adidas has deployed the technology in different markets and how RFID helped pave the way for their omnichannel strategy.
Speaker: Tsvetan Dimitrov Director, Business Solutions-RFID, Adidas

15:30 - Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

RFID Strategies and Best Practices in Retail and Apparel
RFID technology can be used for daily cycle counts, replenishment, promotions management, customer engagement and other in-store applications, while delivering value to retailers. Hear from leading retailers and brand owners in this informative panel, as they address how they are using RFID to achieve operational benefits and lessons learned from their deployments.

Increasing Efficiency With RFID
A fashion brand is employing an RFID system to improve its supply chain, boost speed and productivity, and reduce operating costs, while offering better service to its customers. The firm operates 300 stores throughout eight countries, as well as a 200,000-square-foot distribution center. Merchandise is tracked as it leaves the DC via an RFID tunnel. Once the goods arrive at the store, the staff can verify the shipment using a handheld reader. Learn how the system has reduced out-of-stocks and enabled employees to focus their time on customer service, resulting in increased sales.

17:30 - Conference Concludes

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